Three Waves, 2009

Dover Esplanade

Designed by Tonkin Liu Architects

Tonkin Liu Architects: “Each wave only touches the shore once; a wave to follow, a wave to rest on and a wave to light your way.”
In 2011 it received a Concrete Society Award and was one of six exceptional structures across the South East at the Royal Institute of British Architects 2011 Awards.

COMMISSIONER Sea Change Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

OWNER The Port of Dover



Charles Holland: “Tonkin Liu redesigned Dover esplanade as a series of billowing concrete forms. A ribbon-like wobble of white concrete retaining wall defines one edge while an undulating path that steps down onto the shingle beach forms the other.

The concrete has an elegant, flowing quality and brings to mind melting ice cream cones as much as the waves that crash onto the beach or the white cliffs behind. Materially and tonally it sits nicely with the creamy stucco of Philip Hardwicke’s elegant Waterloo Crescent.”