Samphire Hoe Education Shelter, 2014

Samphire Hoe

Designed by Lee Evans Partnership

Lee Evans Partnership designed a building that would also act as a wind break to enhance the visitor’s experience whilst using the facilities available at Samphire Hoe. The building’s use of recycled railway sleepers derived from their common use at coastal locations and the building’s form is reminiscent of the historic defensive structures dotted along the Kent coast.

COMMISSIONER Eurotunnel and White Cliffs Countryside Partnership

OWNER Eurotunnel

MORE INFO Up on the Downs


Charles Holland: “Samphire Hoe is a remarkable place, an entirely man-made stretch of coastline constructed from the spill from the Channel Tunnel excavations. It has an underlying, poignant metaphor: a new piece of England fabricated from the construction of a physical connection to Europe. It is named after a line in Shakespeare’s King Lear and samphire, along with a number of other rare species of plant, bird and insect life, have returned to this new landscape which is run as a nature reserve.

The Education Shelter is a simple, curving structure that continues the theme by being clad in salvaged railway sleepers. It provides space for exhibitions and events and has a satisfying relationship with the sweet, circular timber kiosk opposite. Both are unpretentious, rugged objects that sit well within the quiet serenity of the place.”