Dover Totems, 2017

Athol Terrace, Dover

Designed by Elaine Tribley

Artist Elaine Tribley was selected from an open call out to create a fitting marker for the start of the footpath to the iconic White Cliffs from Dover town.

COMMISSIONER Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme

OWNER Dover Town Council

MORE INFO Up on the Downs


Charles Holland: “There are six totems in all which mark the climb up to the white cliffs from the eastern end of Dover’s sea front. The walk is steep and vertiginous and offers amazing views of the Dover’s Eastern Docks and the English Channel.

The totems are of various heights, some acting as markers and some as seats on which to sit and take in the view. They are fabricated from steel sheets, lazer-cut with the outlines of the fossilised plants that form part of the chalk cliffs.”