Dover Sea Sports Centre, 2010

Dover Esplanade

Designed by John Haynes, Architects Simons Design Ltd

Designed by John Haynes the architects were Simons Design Ltd of Lincoln. The location on the foreshore of the world’s busiest passenger ferry port enables water sport participants to experience the excitement of sea sports, while in the safe and protected environment of Dover Harbour.

COMMISSIONER The Port of Dover

OWNER The Port of Dover

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Charles Holland: “This robustly detailed, fortress-like building serves a number of purposes: the lower half faces onto the beach and houses a sailing club. The upper part cantilevers over the beach and contains a restaurant which has a south-facing terrace with spectacular views across the harbour.

The building is clad in a combination of silver-grey timber boards and Kentish rag-stone which relates to George Devey’s nearby clocktower as well as the walls of the harbour itself.”