The Wing, 2015


Designed by Godden Allen Lawn Architects

Designed by Folkestone architectural practice Godden Allen Lawn in the shape of a Spitfire wing, complete with its famous uplift. It was built by Kent-based Epps Construction.

COMMISSIONER Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

OWNER Battle of Britain Memorial Trust



Charles Holland: “The Wing is not a conventional museum but offers an audio-visual experience exploring the Battle of Britain. It is set in an expansive memorial landscape garden dedicated to ‘The Few’ situated on the cliffs between Folkestone and Dover. The form of the building is clear: a giant pair of wings with a glazed ‘cockpit’ at the centre.

The building looks out over a heavily sculpted lawn towards the Channel and its form is mirrored in the paving of the landscape. The precipitous cliff edge drop at the end of this offers a poignant suggestion of freefall to offset the heroic metaphors elsewhere.”