When we look at architecture, what do we see? And how do we see it in the context of its surroundings?
Each of the nine structures that make up CHALKUP21 has been carefully conceived and designed for their particular position, blending into the geography of the trail and offering opportunities to engage with the landscape in different ways.
The combination of contemporary structures and dramatic landscapes have made the trail a fertile ground for creative responses, in which ideas have been sparked and perspectives have been shifted. Artists have led walks and workshops, videographers have made films, and poets have recorded their thoughts in writing. Here are a few examples to inspire you – and we invite you to continue telling the story of the trail in your own way, whether that’s through words, images, music or photography. Share your responses on social media using the #CHALKUP21 hashtag and help to inspire others to embark on their own CHALKUP21 experience!