A Response to the ChalkUp21 Trail - Jamie Jenkinson’s Research Walk

RESEARCH WALK // Artists Jamie Jenkinson and Amy Dickson walked the CHALKUP21 trail in one day. Here is Jamie Jenkinson’s Dover video of the walk (10 min) and Amy Dickson’s I Sea Land (2.26 min).

Dover was shot and edited on my iPhone from videos taken on my initial CHALKUP21 research walk from Folkestone to Deal. The 25km journey covers the length of Dover’s iconic, rollercoastering, white cliffs, which took myself and artist Amy Dickson nine hours to walk – albeit segmented by regular video making intervals. The walk covers a changing landscape, becoming the focus of my videos, as it is also the inspiration for much of the architecture on the route, be it for the destinations beautiful views, military position, or natural forms, influencing the modernist architecture on the route. The video is a selection of unedited video clips made on the route, put into chronological sequence as to follow the path we took. This research walk will influence my next visit for CHALKUP21, where I will be accompanied by Visual Communication students from the Royal College of Art, London.”   Jamie Jenkinson

Ness Point Photo Jamie Jenkinson

Jamie Jenkinson Dover

Amy Dickson I|SEA|Land