A Response to the ChalkUp21 Trail - GABOR STARK’S ART & ARCHITECTURE WALK

SPACE STANDARDS Art & Architecture Walk // On Saturday 9th June 2018 a group of 16 wayfarers joined Gabor Stark for a spatial practice promenade from Dover to St. Margaret’s Bay. Additional to visiting selected buildings and public artworks along the CHALKUP21 trail, participants were invited to actively engage with Dover’s built environment: to ‘do’ art and architecture, to perform and to intervene in space, albeit only fleetingly.

Inspired by Paul Klee’s aphorism that ‘a drawing is simply a line going for a walk’, Gabor devised a family of seven portable linear constructions to accompany the walk. The Space Standards are designed as ‘axiomatic structures’ (Rosalind Krauss: ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’, 1979). Of identical line weight, the seven objects present all possible permutations of how to configure two timber sections perpendicularly on the top of a T-shaped pole. Self-evident and referring to nothing else than their intrinsic geometric and material properties, the seven artefacts are designed as abstract (en)signs that can be interpreted and used in multiple ways: as viewing frames, sculptural yardsticks, portable semaphores and three-dimensional drawing tools.

The international group of standard bearers hailed from Cyprus, England, Germany, Jordan, Taiwan and the United States. Together they took measures across Dover’s urban, infrastructural and coastal landscape and produced transitory spatial drawings of potential architectures along the way.


Start: Dover Priory Station
Site of the former Burlington House (1972 / demolished 2015)
Start/Finish Line (2011) // Alma Tischler Wood
Three Waves (2009 // Tonkin Liu Architects
Dover Sea Sports Centre (2010) // John Haynes & Simons Design Ltd
East Cliff // Port of Dover Eastern Docks
Dover Totems (2017) // Elaine Tribley
White Cliffs Visitor Centre (1999) // Van Heyningen and Haward Architects
South Foreland Lighthouse (1793)
The Pines Calyx (2006) // Helionix Designs
Finish: The Coastguard // St. Margaret’s Bay

Alanoud Al-Radaideh // Yi-Peng Cheng // Emilio Koutsoftides // Alf Löhr // Declan Ralph // Ines-Ulrike Rudolph // Gabor Stark // Ozan Topsogut



SPACE STANDARDS // Taking lines for a walk

Making mobile marks at Alma Tischler Wood’s START/FINISH Line

Lines of movement in front of the Channel Swimmers monument

Construction works at the Western Docks

New horizons in front of the Dover Sea Sports Centre

Instant expansion of Dover Port’s Eastern Docks

Standard bearers up on the Downs

Coastal constructivists in front of Dover Castle

Equilibrium (equine equation)

Measuring coastal erosion

White lines on top of white cliffs

Antennas at South Foreland Lighthouse, the site of Marconi’s first ship-to-shore radio transmission in 1899

Last stop: The Pines Calyx in St. Margaret’s Bay